Any Rat Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, incorporated in the State of Arizona in 2004 and dedicated to finding loving, forever homes for any pet rat in need. The rescue operates as a network of foster homes throughout the Phoenix metro area and facilitates adoptions for more than 150 pet rats each year.

The rescue was formed when a group of local pet rat owners met through an online forum and decided to formalize efforts to find homes for unwanted pet rats. The rescue is dedicated to the memory of Gus and Walter, the first rats rescued by the organization’s founding director. Someone had set the two male rats free in a Glendale, Arizona park and she knew they would not have the instincts needed to survive. She persisted through several monsoon showers, ultimately capturing the boys and moving them safely to her home.

Since then, Any Rat Rescue has collaborated with local humane agencies in hoarding cases, works to educate the community about the intelligence and love exhibited by these small creatures, and serves as a resource for pet rat owners both locally and around the country.

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