Reintroducing our 2021 Theme: Furtual Reality

For years, we found ourselves trapped and isolated. The uncaring world itself was a cold, harsh place. It told us how to dress and act, follow every command to the letter, and obey over exercising free thought. They tried to separate us. Fed us lies about how we are aberrant and how conformity would solve all of our problems.

But we resisted. Connected one person at a time. We shared ideas and resources. And on October 15-17 - we’re going to create something beautiful.

We’re creating our own world where we can appear as our true selves. No need to hide our fur, paws, wings, scales or tails - a place where individualism is celebrated and enjoyed. Sure, The Code and our programmers have some safeguards built in (no PVP, anti-harassment protocols, etc.), but they’ve also built in various mini-games to explore and quests to find. More importantly, they’re giving us a space to be ourselves and find our own connections.

This is your invitation to our sandbox. Leave that other world behind and join ours for a few days. In less than a week at the Mesa Convention Center, it’ll be time to enter our own Furtual Reality.