Flake Wusky, owner of Saber Studios, is an 18-year-old fursuit maker, furry artist and fursuit dancer from the oven that is Arizona. Wusky started making fursuits in 2016 when she was just 11 years old. She wanted a fursuit but her parents wouldn't buy her one. Her grandma slipped her a 20 to get materials, and she's been wreaking havoc ever since. Through this little hobby of hers, she also found her love of fursuit dancing! She has competed in every dance comp in AZ since 2017 and has managed to place 4 times and received honorable mention twice. Alongside her boyfriend KrazyTheFox, she has brought the younger community together and created a safe space for kids in the fandom. She's not just crazy about Krazy, she also loves Indiana Jones and is probably the biggest female fan you’ll ever meet!