Tournament between the 4 houses, on who will be the Quidditch Champions! Each house needs to get a team of 5 ready to represent their house and battle it out muggle style (flying on broomsticks will be too dangerous this time around). Fursuits are permitted to play.

~What is quidditch~
Quidditch is a game played in the wizarding world typically flying on broom sticks. However since our students are still learning how to fly; we will be keeping on the ground. This student safe version of quidditch is a mixture of dodgeball and basketball. There are three goals on each side of the field. Each teams goal is to earn the most points. Points can be earned in a few different ways such as throwing the balls into the opposing team's goals, 'injuring' another teams player

Dodgeball space set up (the normal)
3 hoops on either side
Dodge balls will be placed in center as dodge ball normally goes
5 Players on each time
Golden Snitch will be held until undermined time

~How To Play~
Each round will be at five minutes long during the tryouts. Seven minutes for the final tournament rounds.
The game will be played by trying to throw the balls through the enemy hoops from their side of the court.  Each hoop will give them points the taller hoop is worth more. You can 'injure' your enemies so they are unable to play (until they touch the middle goal on the back of their teams side) by hitting them with the ball, earning points. The ball can not hit the ground first. You can also make another player "fall off their broom" and become 'injured' if you catch a ball that was thrown by the other team. During the round a judge will randomly roll the Golden snitch into the center on the line. This does NOT end the game however, they have to throw it into the enemy's hoops. If they manage to get it into a hoop, a large amount of points is rewarded and at that point the round ends.

Team with the most points at then end wins.

~How to earn points~
Get your ball through other teams hoops
Hit the other team with the balls (If player is hit they are injured until they touch the middle goal on the back of their teams side)
The golden snitch will be the last ball tossed in for them to throw (randomly near the end of the round). It will be worth the most points. In order to earn the points from it however the most throw it and get it through an enemy's hoop.

~Point Worth~
Tall Hoop 10
Other Hoops 5
'Injuring' enemy 5
Catching Enemy Ball 5
Golden Snitch 100

~Game ends when~
Time runs out
Golden Snitch Goes through a hoop

You can win without the Golden Snitch
You can cross team lines.
Can not 'injure' other players while on the opposing team's side of the field.
It will be tournament style