Rhubarb The Bear couldn't be happier to be a special guest at this year’s AZFurCon; previously, he’s been GoH at Wild Nights, Fangcon, Eurofurence, and Indy Fur Con. After his solo debut at Texas Furry Fiesta 2012 with Bear-Based Entertainment, his second solo show Maximum fuR&B appeared in the Orlando International Fringe Festival 2013; it went on to receive "Best Kids Show" honors from The Daily City and positive reviews in the Orlando Sentinel. Since 2014 he has performed as a duet with longtime partner Cosmik in Hello World!, The Songs You Hate!, and Rhubarb and Cosmik Ruin Everything.

For those of you who care about real life, Rhubarb’s “manager” Ned Wilkinson dipped his toes into the ocean of the furry fandom in 2010 with his original musical Julie Bunny Must Die! and followed it up with the anthropomorphic Shakespeare spoof Fosgate: Ferret Loan Officer. Both musicals have enjoyed success at Fringe and at cons such as Wild Nights, Oklacon, and Megaplex; Fosgate won Patrons Pick and Orlando Sentinel Top 10 honors, and Julie Bunny now exists as an original cast album. Ned continues to create and perform theater, and recently debuted his rock opera Ony, The Runaway Circus Bear as a work-in-progress at Mephit Fur Meet 2019 with the help of guest performers Cosmik and Pepper Coyote.